Programming Jobs

Programming Jobs


Job Description

My website is

Here are the jobs that need doing:

1. Add Chakra Inner Goddess Program onto the menu under Services
2. Add ‘Wake up you inner Goddess Program’ onto the menu under Services
a. Can you please write me instructions of how to do that as I will be adding a few more pages in the future. Or point me towards a video that explains it.
3. Change: ‘Affiliate area’ to: ‘Members Area’ and make affiliates area a sub-page under the parent page: ‘Members Area’.
4. Please create a small space on the right side-bar between the sign-up form and ‘Stay in Contact’.
5. When editing a page, the option to create HEADERS has disappeared. Are you able to get that back please. I am unable to use the purple headers on new pages as the icon for these has disappeared. I can clarify this point on Skype.
6. There are strange images appearing at times on my website underneath my images. This looks like a virus… I can send some screenshots. These need to be removed.
7. Can you please create an email sign up for form that incorporates the image I have on page: I would like both sign up fields to be next to each other, so that it is easy to put this form under any blog I write without taking up too much space. The background colour of the sign-up form should be the same as that of the menu bar at the top. The writing the colour of my purple headers.