Looking for a extjs4 + php expert to help me developer my application

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Job Description

Hi People.

I am looking for a very experience extjs and php professional who will be helping me to develop my web RIA application.

We will be developing using MVC (Model View Controller) method, because we might need a mobile application in the future.

I still don't have the whole idea of business logic, so php and server-side part will be done later. At this moment I would like to start building the view and all login / logout and user settings that all RIA web application has.

I chose extjs4 because it has beautiful interface (Neptune theme) and it is easy and very fast to load.

However I looked at the vaadin demo and I just love their dashboard. So I would like to kind of reproduce that but with extjs.

For this first job I will pay a fixed price for you. But in the future I might turn this job hourly.

I appreciate if you use the same tools as I am using.

I am using netbeans 8.0 for this and current project is on bitbucket. You can easily setup git on netbeans to upload files to bitbucket. I can explain to you if need.

I would like that you use this current project of mine where I have some things already done like session expire by time, etc.

Anyway, I will explain more details for the right candidate.

Thanks for you applying.

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