Developer required for iPhone/iPad Puzzle Game

Developer required for iPhone/iPad Puzzle Game


Job Description

I’m looking for a talented iOS developer to help me create a new iOS puzzle game.

Essentially, the player is shown a circle of 8 letters with a ‘hub’ letter in the center. They need to find as many words as possible, making sure that every word contains the ‘hub’ letter. An example of the puzzle can be found here:

Puzzles should be generated dynamically, unlike similar apps in the store where a new puzzle is only made accessible after waiting a day (such as WordStorm,

The game will be ad-supported so will require the following ad services to be integrated (with placement IDs so they can be switched on/off dynamically):
* Banner ads: iAd & Flurry
* Interstitials: Chartboost, Revmob, Flurry

The game will require 2 types of in-app purchases:
1) Remove the ads
2) Purchase hints.

The app will only have a few screens:
1) Home - choose to play a game or access the store.
2) Game - play the game
3) Post game - tell the user how fast they completed the game.
4) Store - purchase IAPs

The design for the app is being created by a professional designer so you only need to worry about the programming.

The game will be ‘universal’, i.e. for iPad and iPhone. The iPad interface won’t be much different that on the iPhone.

Interested? Please apply for the job with a rough quote and I’ll get back to you with more details on the game. To stop spam requests, make sure you put the word “hub” in the first line of your application.

Skills: ipad, iphone-development, iphone-sdk