Full Time Min $8-12/hr Virtual Assistant, Project Manager & Human Resources Manager

Hourly – More than 6 months - 30+ hrs/week - Posted

Job Description

**Philippines applicants only for this position sorry. We will have 2 positions that can be anywhere in the world being published shortly.

Pay: Min $8 - 12/hr with a guaranteed 35-40hrs per week permanent employment. We have 5 current Odesk staff who have been with us for more than 6mths. 1 has been with us for 12mths!

We are an Australian Small Business that is looking for a proven and talent:
1. Receptionist - talking to medical patients requesting a consultation. You will be trained on how to profile the patients and provide some basic support/advise to them.

2. Virtual Assistant - assist the Managing Director with collating and coordinating the various projects he has on the go.

3. Project Management/Coordination - extremely efficient at monitoring, tracking and following up on various actions across possibly 10-20 projects at any one time.

4. Human Resources and Recruitment Manager - create job descriptions for all roles within the organisation, post jobs on Odesk, Seek.com.au etc. Filter applicants actively (must be up to date daily).

5 Quality Assurance - you will be doing the quality assurance elements as well. And it is important high attention to detail with this task.

You will be required to work a roster consisting of a COMBINATION of the following - you will always have 2 days off. And 1 weekend in the month will be rostered off.
Sat + Sunday 9am - 4pm (sydney time)
Mon 12pm - 9pm (sydney time)
Thurs 12pm - 9pm (sydney time)
Friday 9am - 4pm (sydney time)

This position will see you needing to multi-task enormously.

This is a long term position - we have 3 Philippines staff who have been with us consistently for 6mths now for 40hrs a week, and 1 other Philippines staff member who has done 12mths x 40hrs a week without fail.

Your english must be natural sounding and no excessive american accents please.

You need a very modern and strong PC with at least 2mbps Broadband Connection with a Noise Cancelling Headset.

Please supply a voice recording so we can review who you are in detail. Please find enclosed some videos of who we are and our Director - Scott Moore.

In those videos, which you need to watch, to test your ability to follow instructions, please answer the following.

What medical condition is Scott receiving treatment for?
What is the medical treatment's name that Scott is receiving?
What is Scott's surname?
"It Is What It Is" Is a saying Scott Mentions at the NHI - what does it mean?

Please answer these 4 questions at the beginning of your VOICE RECORDING+ be sure to relax and talk freely - we don't want a fake you, we want the best you!

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