Develop a scoring algorithm

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Job Description

Looking for a mathematician to create a user performance / feedback scoring algorithm for a project that I am working on. I am not mathematically inclined so I wont but much help besides explaining the considerations and helping during testing. The algorithm is for a system where users try to guess the right answer to questions based on hints given. The algorithm must take various factors into consideration.

Some of the Score considerations for each users score are the following:

-Correct guesses are great and incorrect guesses are not great.
-Algorithm should encourage higher numbers of guesses
-Wrong guesses are more acceptable the higher the guess count.
-Low guess count must require more correct guesses
-Special contest guesses* are weighted heavier
-all users must be equalized for comparisons despite guess counts
-number of tests taken increase score
-score of tests increase score
-feedback ratings increase score

Skills: mathematics, software-development, systems-programming