Professional e-Commerce Store Manager

Professional e-Commerce Store Manager


Job Description

We're looking for a manager for our online stores - Amazon, eBay, our own site and others.


1. Rich experience in managing online e-commerce platforms. MUST provide references.

2. Thorough understanding of online inventory management and order fulfilment, including FBA.

3. Knowledge of the fine details of Amazon and eBay platforms, increasing sales, improving search results and conversion rates.

NOTE: We're not looking for a "robot" to blindly to tasks. We require a professional that can manage these platforms and give good advice. We need someone who'd be able to recruit more help on oDesk if necessary.

The job includes, but isn't limited to, the following:
1. Improving listings efficiency
2. Smart inventory management
3. Increasing amount of positive feedback
4. Solving any issue that would arise in working with eBay / Amazon
5. SALES SALES SALES. Extraordinary performance (which is what we expect) will be rewarded with occasional bonus payments.

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