Affiliate Center Creating

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Job Description

Firstly this freesourse software comes highly recommended - <a href="" title="You are about to go to a URL outside" target="_blank"></a> and can be used as a start to make the job easier.

The affiliate centre is for our payday loan company. Our affiliates have websites with a loan application. When this is completed it is sent it the loan company. On its way it should be tracked via the affiliate centre so we know which of our affiliate&rsquo;s websites it came from.

The completed affiliate centre must include the below:

1) Application form building. An example of the existing application form can be seen here: The new one should contain the same information. I will send a mock up of how it should look.

2) iFrame of the above. This application form will be used on dozens of sites. Therefore I must be able to edit this iframe code to include a unique code (the domain name) to track which affiliates website it&rsquo;s come from.

3) It should also send the application details to a database I want creating. This will record the data on a spread sheet. In this database I want the following information recording:

a) The name of the website the application form came from.
b) Date and time the application was submitted.
c) All the details of the application.

Job to be fully completed within 7 days. $700 bonus will be paid if the project is fully completed within this time.