help my clients obtain credit cards.

help my clients obtain credit cards.


Job Description

I have a business that helps businesses and entrepreneurs obtain credit. This is done mostly by getting them multiple credit cards from different banks, etc. Its actually a thriving industry right now and has been since credit crunch. Once they have credit cards we show them how to use them in the best way to keep cost low. Most of my clients buy homes to flip with them after we show them how to turn them into cash.

We currently outsource the files to a third party who has extensive knowledge of different banks, card offers, lines of credit, etc. After we sell client, obtaining a power of attorney, etc, the third party actually goes and signs up for 5-9 cards based on the persons particular situation. For example, Some people with a high "utilization rate" should start at bank A rather than bank B.

Unfortunately it looks like we will have to in source this process to continue to grow and are looking to hire someone who has this very specialized skill that has to be continually sharpened. Its an extremely lucrative skill and I have the business now to pay someone in 6 figure range on a scale-able project.

I know its a long shot but If you have any experience in this please contact me. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE.