Email Outreach

Email Outreach


Job Description

Hi oDeskers,

We're seeking an experienced email outreach specialist. This role will include the following weekly responsibilities:

1. Acting as a liaison for our business by communicating with businesses via email.
2. Documenting your progress in our custom dashboard.

Job requirements for this position include:
1. Reliable internet access (preferably from home).
2. Ability to work 30+ hours per week.
3. Decent understanding of the English language.
4. Previous experience with email outreach is helpful.

If you're interested in this position we encourage you to apply! Please answer the following questions. APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT RESPOND TO THE BELOW QUESTIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

1. How would you research and find businesses related to a particular niche or topic?
2. Do you have any previous email outreach experience? If so, in what capasity?

Thanks for your interest.

Skills: acting, english, research