Unity3d Engineers and Artists

Unity3d Engineers and Artists


Job Description

The World Building Media Lab at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, led by Professor and acclaimed Designer Alex McDowell, is engaged in completing a high profile multiplayer augmented reality experience and public demo where users can engage in a shared immersive experience of fantastical flying creatures. The lab is looking for experienced Unity3d engineers and artists to fill immediate positions involving:

Software Engineering
-Multiplayer Networking
-Gameplay Architecture and Mechanics
-AI Behaviors and Navigation for interactive creatures
-User Interface Programming
-Programming Language: C#

-Character Modeling / Texturing and Animation
-Weather and Particle Effects
-User Interface

Artist Programs
-Z-Brush or Mudbox

These positions would begin immediately and last for as long as early December depending on task. Compensation will be hourly and is to be negotiated. Please forward resume and/or credits to info@5dglobal.com.