Ansys Transient Thermal Study (Natural Conv + Radiation)

Ansys Transient Thermal Study (Natural Conv + Radiation)


Job Description

I require an ANSYS expert to setup a transient thermal analysis in Workbench 14 (Only require setup, I can run it!). The geometry(Solid Works) and setup will be supplied. But currently it is running for a very long time. I want someone with Ansys experience to reduce whatever it takes (Mesh/Steps or other) to reduce the run time. Basically, I want the study to run much quicker.

Also require the following changes:

- the outside shell needs the material to be changed to plastic (PVC)
- the analysis should run for a period of 900 seconds
- apply a temperature of 300 degrees to the heating element at the bottom
- apply a convection value(h=15 w/m^2) to all internal faces
- apply an emissivity of 0.1 to all internal faces of the plastic (surface to surface)
- apply an emissivity of (0.9) the evaporator faces (surface to surface)
- apply an emissivity of (0.99) to the heating element (surface to surface)

Previous ansys (transient thermal) is a must. Any recommendations or tips from experts will also be very handy. Mech engineers preferred! It will take less than hour to setup, but if you have a fixed price offer, send with the application. There is a possibility, if this job is done well, more ansys related projects to that contractor in the future.

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