Finance supervisor with management skills

Finance supervisor with management skills


Job Description

We are a small company that runs a business in 4 countries and we need a finance manager that can:

Make sure that reports of income and expenses are not only compiled but can work with the senior manager in understanding and using the information in there

someone that can deal with all incoming payment requests as well as collecting outstanding

has the common sense to dive after every penny in the business and make sure resources are used to the fullest

questions all payments and saves money for the business

can work independently and continuously without constant supervision

You will need a excellent adsl connection as we would like to give you an international VOIP number that our clients can call

fast reply time and good communications are a must

We need someone with good English skills

Long term position for a good candidate, set up as part time but will be needed at least 25 hours per week.

Skills: finance, management, voip, english