Custom maps using TileMill

Custom maps using TileMill


Job Description

I want to create and design CUSTOM, OFFLINE maps with TILEMILL, from OPENSTREETMAPS data. TileMill uses Carto: you can see sample maps made this way from

I want to be able to easily edit content on the server, for drop notifications traffic and road conditions.

This is for a transit app. Check Embark, hopstop, and thetransitapp for reference. I will provide all bus stops and bus routes for the city in a table, which, along with road maps from openstreetmaps and google, will be the basis for everything. Offline maps: openstreetmaps data. online: google.

as in: 1) table of bus stops and routes...>2)schematic of point to point and road maps of bus routes...>3) Overlay #2 on #1.....> 4) get on googlemap to show 3 when online

Let me know how you'll approach this project. Must have experience creating beautiful custom maps like in link below.