Pose reconstruction of Pyramid using proportion OPENCV

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Job Description

I have a piece of software that determine the proportion of 4 colors in a paper pyramid. We need to determine its pose and its x/y and z rotations. The pyramid has red on the front and green, blue and yellow on the other faces. We need to see the 3d pose determined from the proportions of the colors. The proportion segment of this project has been completed. So all we need is to convert that to rotations x/y/z. Seeing it in 3d is not really necessary but if you know how that is a plus. All we need is the rotations. If you are really good at math and think you know how to do this please respond to this post and let me know how long you think it will take you. There is an image attached to see what im talking about. We know the exact proportion of color and we need to get the pose from those measurements.

Skills: mathematics

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