Initial Design Concept

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Job Description

Take 3-4 hours and see what you can do.
Start: Immediately

We are looking to combine 3 concepts of project management graphic into
one unique concept graphic. This graphic concept will show clients our methodology for project delivery.

3 graphics attached to this post:

Graphic 1. the description of the stages segmented out
Graphic 2. the process flow of the graphic
Graphic 3: the phasing of colors

-Flow graphic would have 7 stages or sections for
this exercise.
-Stages or Sections would have 1 -3 paragraphs of text description
and place holders should be used for the concept.

In relation to the graphic attached, we were thinking something along the lines of a graphic with stages and those
stages explained in segmented parts separate from the graphic.
The graphic would have a “similar”shape to Graphic 2 attached.
It would have a phasing flow of colors “like” but not matching graphic 3 attached.
Each stage would be explained segmented out similar to
graphic1( 1-3 paragraphs placeholders as previously mentioned).

If we love your concept there will be further work to get this to production or beyond.