Property Uploads to New Vacation Rental Platform

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We need to sub contract batch property uploads to a new vacation rental platform.

Work will be sporadic and range from 20-150 property uploads per week. Therefore, we may need more than one person at any one time.

Work also needs to be monitored and quality checked, potentially by a manager.

The average time it takes to upload a property is 30 minutes. Over 7 hours in a day, we'd expect around 14 properties from one person. And 70 properties in a 5 day week. Therefore, we may anywhere from 1-2 people working per week.

Uploading a property requires copying information from other websites, uploading quality photos and great attention to detail (especially for facilities and amenities). It's important that no information is missed. Also, you will need to use common sense to fill out certain criteria.

A great understanding of the English language, computers and back-end admins are absolutely essential.

If you are fit for the role, you'll have a small amount of time / leeway at the start to ensure you are familiar with our systems.

I look forward to potentially working with you.