Information designer to produce slides from notes

Information designer to produce slides from notes


Job Description

Short version:
I need a designer/information architect to help me produce slides for my presentations, either every week or once a month.

Long version:
I work on spotting trends and emerging phenomenas, giving around 50 talks a year on those topics.

I work with the following process:
1) find something interesting
2) clip it to Evernote
3) transform Evernote clipping into slide
4) add slide to slide database (i.e. a giant 2GB presentation with 500 slides)

I need someone to help me with step 3. What you would get is a note in evernote, and would have to turn it into a slide. For each note, you will have to think "what is the best way to show this information" and find what is available and usable. Sometimes the slide will show a video, sometimes a screenshot of a company's homepage, sometimes a quote of an article. You will also have to add meta data on the slide (for ex: the URL, the name of the trend it's attached to) and follow a template I will give you.

See past presentations built using the process:

In video here (same content, different template):

Workload: can be either in batches (30-40 slides every month) or on demand (10 slides each week).

Technologies used:
- evernote
- keynote 7