Integrate libFlac into Node.js

Integrate libFlac into Node.js


Job Description


Here is the official project spec:

I would like someone to write a program that will let me encode audio into Flac format from node.js. This must be done by integrating with libFlac. (in C or C++, or use node-ffi) . I would like the program to send a buffer of audio data from node (by sending the buffer of audio in a callback), and it will return a buffer of audio encoded into flac (let me know if this is or isn't possible, and why).

The program should have a method to initialize the audio by creating the flac header, and it will return the flac frames continually as audio is streamed in from an external source.

I will eventually like to play with the encoding parameters for flac, to see what returns the best results for my application, so the code needs to be clean, properly formatted, WITH EXTENSIVE COMMENTS.

It will initially run on Mac OS X 10.9, and later ubuntu. Looking someone who do things properly. (include makefiles with things that need to be compiled, comments, properly formatted code, etc..).


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