3D model and configuration driver to produce workshop drawings

3D model and configuration driver to produce workshop drawings


Job Description


We are happy to consider alternative solutions/ software etc, please feel free to make suggestions on Private Message. Unless you clarify your bid with notes or exclusions, we assume you are bidding on the below work on a lump-sum basis. PLEASE DO NOT apply unless you have the experience and software required. You are required to have all software to complete the work. Our company has a full licence of Solid Edge ST5 and Excel, allowing us to view and mark-up your samples. You will not have any access to our software or licence.

Skills: CAD Design, Solid Edge, Excel, Automation of CAD Drawings, Structural Steel Design, Workshop Drawings

Software: Solid Edge ST4 or ST5, Excel 2007 or 2010

We are looking for a person skilled in automating Solid Edge and familiar with structural steel detailing to design us a Solid Edge file and Excel configuration driver, allowing us to produce workshop drawings of steel members quicker.
The structure this bid is based on is a carpark cantilever structure as per generic 3D drawing “Carpark Cantilever Structure”. Included in the workshop drawing scope is the reinforcing steel cages within the pier foundation, the holding down bolts, the columns, curved rafters and struts. The shade sail and fixings are excluded.

- Portal frame layout (rafter radius, knee strut length, rafter length)
- Reinforcing cage length, bar quantity (normally 6 bars, but option for 4, 5 and 8) and size (3 sizes), ligature pitch and size (3 sizes)
- Holding Down bolts length, quantity (either 4, 6 or 8), PCD and size
- Column length, steel diameter (4 sizes) and wall thickness (3 wall thicknesses)
- Rafter diameter (3 sizes) and wall thickness (2 wall thicknesses)
- Strut diameter (4 sizes) and wall thickness (4 wall thicknesses)
- Plate size and thickness (depends on changing steel sizes)
- Bay sizes (centre to centre of columns) which adjust strut lengths. There may be variable bay sizes in each structure. There may be a variable number of bays in each structure.
- Project details

A detailed list of sizes/ constants/ variables/ designs etc will be made available to the selected bidder.
The system should place all components into paperspace, mark and dimension components, providing ready-to-use workshop drawings for all components.

- Please include in your price to supply us with the Solid Edge files, Excel files and any related documents required for the system to work.
- Please include all development and testing to ensure the system works as expected.

Skills: design, drawing, autodesk-autocad