Joomla Website Development


Job Description

We are a non-profit organization providing holidays for disabled. Through our services disabled travellers with special needs can experience the world like any other able bodied. We provide tailor made holiday according to their requirements.

What we are looking for is a development individual/team/company that will take this project with the same charitable attitude as Access Care. Our key requirements from offered services are uncompromised quality, cost and time effective development goals. Since we have various other active projects, we are looking for a long term relationship, provided the mentioned criterias are met.


The development team will be responsible for the following functionality:

● PSD to Joomla template
● Carousel (Scrolling Pages)
● Video embedding
● Photo embedding
● PDF Embedding (Online Brochure Viewing & Downloading)
● Keyword Search Filter
● Holiday Search Filter
● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for all pages
● Save Favorite Holidays/Hotels Option ( Temporarily Saved for the current session) Display favorites count on the link. Ex: Favorites 4 (Option to remove item from Favorites)
● Paypal Integration
● Printing
● Sharing
● Mobile Viewing
● Frontend PHP
● Joomla Backend Management(Latest Joomla Version)
● Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

● All development & design work will strictly adhere to Access Care style guidelines.
● All development will follow WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) & W3C guidelines.
● All development work should be tested by Quality Assurance process for:
○ Web Content
○ Browser Compatibility
○ Client’s style guideline adherence
○ W3C Compliance
○ And other aspects

● All development will be documented and shared, as per our requirements.

Design & Development Processing:

● All Front-end PSD/PDF Design Files will be provided by us for PSD to Joomla template conversion.
● Post QA, web page will be posted on dummy server for approval.
● The issues/amendments register will need to be maintained .
● Need flexibility to make any changes in requirements during the development process.


● Team Leader will be responsible on a regular basis to provide daily development update to us.
● All access to production servers will be granted to us.
● After completion of the website development, an Operating Manual should be offered to us explaining the backend operating functionality.


● 4-5 Dummy pages will be provided as reference for the development team to provide a quotation to us.


The purpose of the project is to execute a complete design & development of a professional Disabled Friendly Holidays website for Access Care.

The website will basically run on a standard criteria:

1. Holiday Packages (with planned itinerary + accommodations)
2. Hotels (where the users simply choose the accommodation and arrange everything (touring, visiting destinations etc.) on their own)

● The users will be making their Choice of Destination (India, Africa, Australia etc.) and the disability type to find their suitable packages or hotels.

● All forms data generated will be stored at a database which should be accessible to the client at all times.

● We must receive notifications for each enquiry or message generated from the website.

Paypal Integration:

User will use a Booking Reference number (provided by us to the customer at the time of booking) & their surname to make the payment through Paypal gateway.

Connectivity Options:

1. Live Chat
2. Skype
3. Phone
4. Email/Mail
5. Online General Enquiry Form

User Interaction Platforms:

1. Newsletters (Email Registration Option)
2. Social Media Integration

Turnaround time:

We expect that the project is completed as soon as possible. The developing team must add the Estimated Time of Completion in the quotation sent to us.

If the project is delayed any more than the given time period, a penalty will be charged by us on daily bases.

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