Website Research, List Building, Lead Generation


Job Description

You must have basic knowledge or experience of the North American automotive industry, the automotive aftermarket industry, and the concept of internet based crowdfunding.

All research has to be based on content in North America, primarily United States.

You will be requested to research and build a list of:
1) Upcoming crowdfunding events, seminars, workshops
2) Upcoming automotive events, car shows, car charity events, car competition (not motorsports racing)
3) Contact information of automotive aftermarket vendors that sell on the internet
4) Upcoming high school and college competitions in automotive related fields and each team's contact information
5) Contact information of all investors, angel groups, that have invested in automotive type portfolios and the history of the companies they invested in
6) Contact info of automotive entrepreneurs
7) Blogs with automotive content and contact information of blog owner

- Additional tasks may be added as required.

Skills: research