Website needs SEO help

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Job Description

My website needs help in the SEO department; it is a comparison shopping website, which compares merchant’s product prices against each other. It has 23 different categories and does a great job at comparing, lots of data and pictures however my traffic is down, indexing and ranking are low. I am looking for someone to help get the site indexed more, higher ranking, positioning, Keywords etc…

This is a small company, so cost is an issue. I want the service guaranteed and someone that is willing to put their reputation on the line and get paid for results.

If you wish to bid, I will only consider bids with people that send a site evaluation with it, I want you to outline your opinion of where the site stands now in regards to SEO and what and how you will turn it around and get it producing. I use Analytics and Webmaster Tools, the site is ASPX and it is an API.

I am getting alot of responses with everyone claiming to be the best or most professional, I would ask you to submit an analysis of, stating how you will fix the site and drive traffic, state if you offer a guarantee, before your price will be considered. state your price clearly and if it is a monthly price or a one time price.

Skills: analysis