Graphic design for nail beauty company


Job Description

Please create a sample logo and a sample/quick A4 3 fold brochure design for our request below or else will not be considered. As I have had both good and bad experiences with odesk, I would like to see a sample product before taking on a long term business relationship.

I am looking at updating my logo for my nail beauty company. We would like to have the following:
- Our company name is Mint Nails
- We would like "Nail Art Specialists" at the bottom of the logo.
- Black background.
- I would like to use the bottom image of this vector
Note that I will buy the vector should your sample be accepted.

Should your design be accepted, we will need the following completed:
Finalise logo design with vector and any changes
Finalise A4 double sided brochure design with ability to edit in word
Business card design
Email signature design
Letterhead design
A business card size design - for products
T-shirt design