Mobile App Pro Needed For Fitness App Creation

Mobile App Pro Needed For Fitness App Creation


Job Description

I am looking for a skilled mobile app (& tablet) developer to create a “fitness & food tracking app” for both Android & iOS. This mobile app will also need a web version so users can log in via PC or Mobile. There will be no difference in functionality/features between the PC & Mobile/Tablet versions.

Below are general details about the project. Please read the entire description before relying.

The right developer for this project will possess the following:
- Android dev experience
- iOS dev experience
- HTML5 experience
- Graphic design experience
- UX experience
- Flash
- Jquery, PHP, sql experience
- Database experience
- Mobile & Web security experience
- Attention to detail
- Offer suggestions & improvements for this app when necessary
- Passion for Mobile/Web dev
- GREAT Communication Skills & Response Timeliness
- Available via email and skype
- Fitness enthusiast (preferred but not required)
- The ability to start from the ground running
- Patience with clients
- Support app store (validations, submissions, etc)
- Dynamic, friendly & professional


This app will allow users to log in and track food intake and exercises with the ability to backup data on web.

Data & graphs is a BIG part of this development. Think of it as giant pivot xls tables loaded with user data. There will be set data filters for charts, comparisons (day over day, week over week etc etc etc) and tracking. Users will also be able to filter certain aspects of the data they enter on demand. There will be pre-set food and exercise options for users to select as well as the option to add custom selections.

Social. Users will have the ability to link with other users of the app and view select information regarding each other’s progress and performance regarding their fitness. They will also have the ability to write messages to one another in a feed style setting.

Light Graphic Design work will be required. Icons, gradients, buttons, transitions etc. Main design elements will be supplied.


Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your Android & iOS development experience
2. Your familiarity with databases & mobile/web security
3. Why you want this project
4. Estimated hours from start to finish
5. Examples of your Android and/or iOS apps
6. Who is your favorite Simpsons character? Yeah, silly question I know but I want to make sure you read the entire description. If you fail to answer this question you will not be considered for this project. Seriously.
7. Your start date availability
8. Total number of projects on your plate. I need to know if my project will have your attention and talents or if you take orders like a fry cook.
9. Links to your personal portfolio site if available.
10. Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure?


I am some dude in the USA that wants to pay a highly talented and driven person to develop my app. Need I say more?

Skills: android-development, android-sdk, iphone-development, mobile-application-development, design