*** Tweet Generation From Provided Source Material ***

*** Tweet Generation From Provided Source Material ***


Job Description

*** PLEASE read this entire posting on the requirements and how to apply ***

I'm looking for a contractor to generate tweets using articles, research or blog posts that I provide as input.

For examples of the types of Tweets, view those http://twitter.com/Scott_Golas

The tweets will be entered into a .csv file (download here: http://db.tt/TkQ7nzrJ) using the format below.

- There are only three (3) fields: Date, Message, URL
- Each field to be formatted as: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM,"MESSAGE","URL"
- Only one field per column in spreadsheet, saved as .CVS file
- URLs must contain "http://"
- Assign times that end in either a 5 or a 0, i.e. 10:45 or 10:50
- Only one messages per time slot
- If you copy text verbatim from a source, you must place the text in quotes, "sample text"

Example message: 16/11/2010 17:35,"Your message here","http://website.com"

>>> TO BE CONSIDERED, please reply to this ad and your reply MUST
>>> include 5 (NO MORE-NO LESS) sample tweets that you create from
>>> either of the source files listed below (available to download) and placed in >>> a .csv file using the format above and attached to your reply.

Sample source file #1: http://db.tt/IKvUvnmK
Sample source file #2: http://db.tt/qGJEFxSe

This project require some creative thinking. The BEST tweets spark thinking, present an interesting fact/information or ask a question of the reader.

If this instructions aren't completely clear please don't waste YOUR time trying to apply.

Good Luck!


Skills: twitter, research, english