Salesforce Developer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Provide Apex and VisualForce programming to update a current salesforce customer. It will require:

Email handling, email parsing, creating necessary records on various objects, logging, Triggers, Visualforce, and possibly Sites.

The customer will receive and email from a customers system which will formatted and contain the necessary fields and data. Valid emails will be processed, invalid will be dropped. If record exists and is missing any required fields, it will be logged as a case. Valid email will create a new record with all the necessary fields. 20+ fields

When a record is created an email will automatically be sent to a contact. It will contain the above record and 2 buttons (Agree & Disagree). When these are pressed, it will automatically update the record in salesforce (Status = Verified or Denied, & Date of Verification).

Triggers: --- To be determined.

Skills:, apex