generic decision tree program (urgent)

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

create a program that builds a decision tree from training data. The implementation of the algorithm, will read a file in csv or txt format. Determine the attributes and then after learning it should build a tree. Data will be presented in the following format. Column 1 will be s# and last column will be class label. The number of attributes may vary.

The program must list all the entropies and information gain at all steps of making the tree.The program must create and display the decision tree, properly. The program must be able to deal with any discrete value dataset, regardless of number of attributes.
1st row will contain the name of attributes.
1st column will have serial numers of the data.
last column will have the class labels.

The program must be able to deal with missing values.

The program should be generic and it should work on any given data.

Plagiarized work will not be accepted.