Realtor List Append

Realtor List Append


Job Description

I have a list of three different Real Estate Associations along with their name, company name and their award levels from production for 2012. I would like someone to use this website to look up their office by city or office name, find the agent and enter in the agency address, agency phone #, agent name, agent phone # and agent email address and agent website into an excel database.

I will provide an example sheet for a start (see file upload) and I would like a sample of at least 3 names from each association.

I would also like to put each of the individual realtor associations on separate sheets along with production level designations. ie. Greater Nashville Assn of Realtors GNAR (Gold, Platinum, Silver) on one, Sumner Assn of Realtors (Gold, Platinum, Silver) on another, EMTAR on a third etc.

NOTE: Each of the associations level of production designator will not be the same. ie. with GNAR Platinum is $10,000,000 and with SAR it is $4,000,000
Here are the links from where the designations come from.
MTAR (I can't find their awards designation so extra credit and $ if you find that)

I will have ongoing work for successful applicants

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