RE-Skin IOS Game - running game with OpenGL - Development expertise

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


I am new to the APPS business, and need to understand the effort/work to do some re-skinning of a running game using OpenGL.

I am looking for a developer who can help re-skin some games made using OpenGL.

The first task will be to to educate/train me in understand the source code I have bought, and help me with the following :

- Going through the overall structure of the code - explain which elements are used for what.
- Identify the graphic elements in the game that needs to be "redesigned"
- Identify other elements that needs to be re-made
- Going through how would a re-skin task be handled - discuss what are the different elements/task's that needs to be fulfilled.
- Help estimate the different task involved in doing re-skin of the specif game.
- Other question popping in the meeting/training.

This task is only 2-3 hours, but if the chemistry and your skills are good, it could be the beginning of a long relationship. I have planed to do a lot of games in the upcoming months (both from scratch and re-skinning).

As the first task will be a working speaking session, you need to be fluent in English.