Android Printing App for Brother SDK

Android Printing App for Brother SDK


Job Description

This is a very simple and fast project. We are looking to have a "Proof of Concept" built in Android to determine if we will go further with the project.

***Independant contractors only.***
We want our money to only go to independent contractors only. This is our wish, please respect it.

We do not require agencies on this Proof of Concept project, we have already considered it, so please do not apply. (NOTE: If your agency still applies after reading this, we know you are not listening to the employer to begin with, so we will exclude you for that reason alone!)

Proof of Concept needed:

We want to use source code provided by a manufacturer and make a new app that can display images from a designated folder on screen in scroll view, and have a touch to print function.

If you want to see the existing app, look in Google Play Store for "Brother Print SDK Demo". Brother provides the full source to this app on their website (link is below or we will provide zipped files if needed).

**We are providing you with source code for the printing, sample images to test with, the print settings, and a screen mockup. You will need to engineer the display of multiple images on screen, and the touch intent to print**

You will get paid for the Proof of Concept project now, and if we proceed, we will make a new project that will be at it's own rate. This project will be Paid upon completion only - no upfront retainer is offered.

Review our history, We offer many developers long time range of work on oDesk, please see our hour history of payment. We have used oDesk for over 2,897 hours of work! Plus project work too.

If you want to work with a growing company, and have fun doing it, apply for our jobs, but be the best cendidate for us.

***Deadline for Proof of concept is 3 days following job acceptance.***

Here is a summary of the project:

* An Android App target version of 4.2 with minimum version of 4.0.

* Built for target device of Nexus 7 (JB 4.2 stock rom) for both landscape and portrait orientation

* Display and print images (*.png format only) from a pre-defined folder "/downloads/" to a predefined printer.

* Discover and print the iamge file to Brother QL_720NW Thermal printer using their Official Android SDK (

*As app opens, images files from /downloads/ folder will appear on screen in flowing manner. (PNG image native size is 1170x732, but will appear on screen much smaller to display 2 or 3 across based on orientation. )

*Images are required to be display alphabetically by file-name in a scroll view

*When image is touched it will print to printer using these print settings we provide (see attached):

*You may use the sample project built by Brother to modify for this proof of concept, or make your own app

*Source code and working APK will need to be delivered for final payment

*You will not have the physical printer, so you must send the APK to us to test if needed, we will make ourselves available as possible. If more time is needed to complete, we must have the APK to see the progress.

If you apply to take this project, please send us that you agree to these 3 items:

1) You accept the 3 day time deadline imposed

2) You understand that we can not provide a physical printer at this time, and you are required to send us the APK file to test from our machine and give you results. (you may skype with us as needed for assistance)

3) We will send payment same day Source code is delivered and project functions as described above

Skills: android-sdk, test

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