Fiction Book Author / Screenwriter

Fiction Book Author / Screenwriter


Job Description

I am a Juris Doctor with an MD degree and I have a non-fiction book (410 pages) that I need to turn to a novel/fiction book which eventually I would need to make into a movie. I need a fiction book writer with screenwriting experience to do this for me. For the first few days and weeks of the project, we might need to do a strategy session face-to-face. I can fly to where you are but ideally I would want you to fly to Las Vegas - I will be covering all of the costs, of course. Once we're finished with the strategy and everything, I'm okay with you working wherever and whenever you want. The job type, duration and workload I have indicated here is a placeholder only and I am open to negotiation on the job details.

Skills Required:
- Experience in screenwriting - either for television shows or films
- Ability to adapt a novel/fiction book into a screenplay that can be used to make a movie adaption
- Extremely creative writing skills (in terms of creating fictional books)
- Degree in creative writing is a plus, but not required
- Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills

Tasks and Responsibilities:
- Turn my non-fiction book to an exciting novel/fictional story that can made into a movie
- For the first few days/weeks, we will be brainstorming, planning, writing, editing and formatting the story/screenplays that will then be used in a film

If you feel that this is the opportunity you're looking for, please answer the questions below on your cover letter:

1. Please provide samples of your previous work. (e.g. links to fiction books being sold in Amazon, preferably those that have been made to a film/tv show)
2. How was that job similar or different from my posted job?
3. Can I contact references you have posted on your oDesk contractor page? Can you provide other personal references with whom I can talk about experiences working with you?
4. What's your time availability in terms of hours per week? Which days and what time of day are you available?
5. I will need to work with you closely for the first few days/weeks in Las Vegas. Do you anticipate any problems in working with me?
6. If #5 is not possible, what is your suggested method of communicating?
7. What questions do you have for me about the job posting or my business?