Restaurant Search Engine & Online Menu

Restaurant Search Engine & Online Menu


Job Description

WARNING: Apply only if you can work in laravel & twitter bootstrap.

My client wants a restaurant search engine where clients enter:

- City, Street, P.O Box. etc
- What they want (i.e Pizza )

Then the user will be able to choose a restaurant, see the menu of that restaurant, customize stuff (such as adding more spices to salad etc. ), and be able to order online.

So what i want from the contractor is:


- Create a Back-end with the following options:

User levels: Restaurant / Pick-up Owner, Deliverer, Call center, or any combination of them ( so i want you to make the panel extensible enough to handle all of these or disable some ).

- Being able to add a menu for a restaurant, where you can add categories (like sides, pizzas, soups etc.), items in that categories, and property categories, that include properties in them (i.e topping for pizza, cheese topping, ketchup topping etc.).
Just go to and see yourself

- Ability for deliverers to choose areas where they serve ( latitude / longtitude, km / mile range ) And draw it using Google Maps API ( Especially with KM's, draw a circle radius ).

- Being able to record calls for those who can take calls

- Being able to add multiple restaurants and their addressers for deliverers

- Being able to add deliverers and restaurants for call centers, and log calls


- Ability to search for restaurants with a piece of location info and menu item ( i.e Pizza in Chicago )

- How far the restaurant is from the client ( just get the latitude longtitude from IP and do the calculation against that restaurant's lat / long )

- Sign Up / Login using Social Media

- Make online payments using Stripe and PayPal API

Technologies you will use:

- Laravel PHP Framework
- Twitter Bootstrap 3
- jQuery / Ajax ( use REST controllers to serve content for AJAX, i want this application dynamic in every sense )
- Stripe API / Paypal API
- Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest API ( I will help you with them if you have problems in one of these )

- Yelp API to fetch reviews for the restaurants

Lets discuss more about the database design, the mockups etc. If you do this project succesfully i have much bigger ones for you. On the first line of your application, add "I want to build big web applications".

Also will hand you a requirements file later on.