Build a Cabinet Software

Build a Cabinet Software


Job Description

Job description;
Create a desk top application where a user can create a Kitchen Cabinet. The idea is to create a catalog of all made cabinets and then apply them to jobs.

The first part is to create a Cabinet to be saved in the Catalog.
It needs to be imagery with drag and drop features. The user will have selection of 2 types of board to select from. The user will then be able to drag and drop the required board onto the building screen. Before being dropped into place the screen will notify of the variables, depth, height, length, thickness, edging etc. From this a cabinet can be built.
All parts will need to be "clicked" together.

Once a Cabinet has been built the program will provide a cut list based on the cabinet items used to build the particular cabinet.

It is a simple program, but a developer needs to be able to use and create a design part to the program, and then a part that reads the Cabinet parts.