Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Job Description

Looking for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to manage Leads, incoming calls, emails, schedule appointments, return voicemail and missed calls. The virtual assistant should expect 5-10 hours a week in the first two months with needed hours increasing as trained to perform more tasks. Your duties will include;

-Scouting 25 properties on a weekly basis. Documentation for scouted properties is mandatory for verification. The Virtual Assistant is required to contact the seller of the scouted property.

-Must be able to find comps on properties to determine the property value. Negotiating skills is highly recommended for this position as this Virtual Assistant will be negotiating prices with the seller.

-Organized and precise written information of the property on a lead sheet. A lead sheet should be filled out for EVERY client. Lead sheet of required questions will be provided upon hire.

-Be able to schedule appointments for local agent to visit property.

-Must be able to email contract to seller and title company upon offer satisfaction.

-Market properties that are under contract to find cash buyers.

Your Qualifications

- A dedicated telephone line and a broadband Internet connection

- Must have office software including – Word and Excel

- Strong written and verbal communication skills

- Excellent organizational and time management skills

- Experience in managing and organizing documents and schedules

- Strong understanding of Internet and online communication tools

- Negotiating Cash Deals

-Positive Attitude and work ethic

-A daily summary of task is required

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