Wheel of Fortune Powerpoint Template Design

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Job Description

We need someone to make a version of America's favorite game show "Wheel of Fortune." We want to create a powerpoint with a functional scoreboard in that as we move from slide to slide letters are added by hitting the return button

There would need to be a game show opening with the "Wheel of Fortune" chant and a condensed theme song. *The font used in the letter boxes is Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed. The letters may not fit properly hidden in their squares without this font.

We would like wheel randomness and the ability to do a large variety of game answer options.

A category box pops up to give a hint at the beginning of the slide. Clicking on the consonants and vowels below the puzzle will reveal any of those letters within the puzzle automatically.

The wheel spins when you click it. We would need a few hidden trigger objects, and 2 moving hidden trigger objects within the wheel each with around 5 different rotational values in their cycles. So by clicking in slightly different areas of the board you should be able to get random spin values.

We need the opening song, bell tone for new puzzle and a sound effect for the spinning wheel. There may be other factors involved but this is the direction we currently have. This will be used for a banquet so just need to be able to change the blocks out ~ sometimes the blocks will be the green logo Wheel of Fortune blocks and other times they will be white blocks with letters being added throughout slideshow to eventually solve a puzzle.

We have attached an example of the exact authentic version we would like to have mimicked for the look to our "Wheel of Fortune" powerpoint - coming as closely as possible to this Creative giving us the option to add or subtract certain details.

Please feel free to email with any questions!

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Skills: design

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