Mapping Software Expert Needed

Mapping Software Expert Needed


Job Description

Please see the attached document. These are zipcodes that are found in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We would like for you to use your mapping software and create a map that shows (3) different types of Customers. (1) is Dry Cleaners, (1) is Laundromats and (1) is Commercial Laundries. Each type of customers should be distinguished with their own PINPOINT. So Dry Cleaners will be Orange for example, Laundromats can be Blue and Commercial Laundries can be Green.

We would like for you to create Pinpoints for each of the cities that are listed on the attached Spreadsheet. So looking on the left hand of the screen, Dry Cleaners is the first type of customers listed. Agawam has 4 customers in this town, Amherst has 1 customer in this town, Chicopee has 2 customers in this town. So using your mapping software you would pinpoint these type of customers into the map.

After you have done Dry Cleaners, then you would move on to Laundromats and then Commercial Laundries. Looking at this spreadsheet you will notice that at the end of the project and with the final map, Dry Cleaners will have 674 Pinpoints total, Laundromats will have 422 pinpoints and Commercial Laundries will have 14

*we have created this project so that we can get a better understanding using maps and charts as to where our customers are in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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