Asterisk 1.8 dialplan function

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Job Description

We have an asterisk server thirdlane installation Asterisk version 1.8 ( and we have Multi-level IVR Menus.

We would like to save the IVR history so we can always press 8 to return to the previous menu, wherever that may be.


Step 1 : Caller calls in and gets : IVRMainMenu
Step 2 : Caller selects option 2: that takes user to IVRSalesMenu
Step 3 : Caller selects option 1: that takes user to IVRCustomerServiceMenu

Now: I would like to offer an option to the caller in ALL of the above menu's: "For previous menu Press 8"

There can be many ways to reach any of the particular menu's.
When pressing 8 it should take the user back to the previous menu, no matter what path the user took to get to the menu.

I am looking for an asterisk macro to do this, would like to avoid using php script.

I was thinking that channel variables can do the trick, but not sure if/how.

Skills: voip