Sun Drops - Newsletter # 1 v2

Sun Drops - Newsletter # 1 v2


Job Description

I want help building a template for a Mail Chimp campaign.

I already have a promotional you tube video, pdf presentation and temporary website up and running.

All of the colors and logo are included in the materials.

The text content of the newsletter is the following:

** Introducing Sun Drops

We're delighted to introduce you the new patented design for solar energy acquisition named Sun Drops. This design was built by Rafael Perez Riera; a Guatemalan civil engineer, who studied structural design in Stanford. He perfected his idea through his work in several fields for more than 30 years.
We’re looking for business partners in the search for application of this design and thought that you could be interested, or refer us to somebody who is. We do not show the entire design to protect our intellectual property, but images in our different marketing materials will let you have a good idea of how the design works.

** YouTube - Promotional Video

If you want to see a short explanation take a look at our promotional video in youtube

** Sun Drops Website

Visit our website (temporary) to have a better idea of how the Sun Drops design works.

Download our .pdf to understand the full capabilities of Sun Drops.

Please click:

Can you export or share the templates in mail chimp? I'm not exactly sure the format in which the final job would be delivered, can you please confirm.

How much time does it take to finalize this?