Django Programmer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am looking for a django developer to help with an already in progress application. Please answer the following questions:

1. Please describe your experience with Django.
2. Please describe the difference between and view and a model and what sort of code goes in each.
3. I'm looking for someone who can spend around 10 hours a week on this project for the next month or two. Can you commit that much time to the project?
4. Do you use git regularly?
5. Have you ever worked with paypal?
6. Have you ever worked with apis such as the aweber api?
7. Please send me a sample views and model file from something you have previously written.
8. Why should I hire you?
9. Do you know how to work with html, css, and/or jquery?
10. Do you have other related skills that you would like me to know about?

Please note that I don't work with contractors that add offline hours. All hours must be logged through the odesk time tracker.

I manage code with git and tasks with Trello. I use gtalk for communication.

If we work well together, this could lead to more projects in the future.