Priority : WordPress Website Builder Needed

Priority : WordPress Website Builder Needed


Job Description

We seek an experienced web designer or savvy technician experienced with WordPress, HTML5, and SEO practices to customize a pre-purchased WordPress template website that will advertise 'daily deals' for online casinos.

This is a priority project. The timeline requires the launch of the website with essential functionality by the end of the month. The candidate with the right skills and experience will be hired quickly, and can expect pay commensurate with high-quality and a quick turnaround.

We are looking to immediately hire an individual who is able to customize a pre-purchased Wordpress website to make it a sleek and functioning gateway for a daily deals and bonuses with participating online casinos. The right candidate will be able to take the provided website skeleton structure, visual resources and written content and apply and adapt the WordPress theme using integrated tools and HTML5 in such a way to deliver maximum efficiency and visual impact to the visitor.

The main function of the website will be to act as an equivalent of ‘Groupon’ for daily casino bonuses. The key visual and stylistic reference will be from Holiday Pirates (see ‘Reference Links’ below) Site visitors should be able to search, sort and filter results by fields such as ‘country’, ‘amount of bonus’, ‘currency’ , or ‘language’.

Another distinctive feature will be a daily display of important dates and occurrences ( see ‘Reference Links’ below). Both of these features will require the designer to configure and integrate WordPress plug-ins that will display provided database content.

The final and most technically demanding requirement will be the installation and implementation of WordPress plugins to allow the site operators to track visits to each page separately. It will be important to the business development model to count the number of persons who finally clicked on our reference links. Information such as visitor funnels, historical data overview and trends, possibly presentable as graphs , etc will be required. The right candidate will be able to install and configure the corresponding WordPress plug-ins or widgets for this purpose.

Job Description:-
Bringing the website up to the required standard will include the basic structure and functionality of Holiday Pirates see ‘Reference Links’ below), including the following key action points…
1. Implementation and adaptation of purchased WordPress theme
2. Integration of existing written content and visual resources
3. Integration of account creation plug-ins inc. Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+
4. Install ‘newsletter signup’ functions with MailChimp compatibility
5. Essential SEO functions,restructuring & optimization for Google News
6. Integration and optimization of mobile-adaptive theme.
7. Integration of basic e-commerce plug-ins for merchandising store
8. Integration of Banner Ads plugin
9. HTML5 editing of custom elements
10. Basic photo editing (optimization, cropping, re-sizing, etc)
11. Implementation of the templates adaptive mobile version.
12. Troubleshooting any visual or structural errors before final delivery of website

Contractor requirements:-
The project will require experience with WordPress, as well as a robust knowledge of HTML5 to directly edit and customise features , website design, and photo editing for cropping and use of the visual resources. The project will also require the integration of social media and email plug-ins, and ensuring the templates mobile version is functional.

All written content will be provided, but candidates will require a excellent level of spoken and written English to communicate efficiently with the project managers.

This is a high-priority project that aims to launch with essential functionality by the end of the month. Successful applicant can expect extensive follow-up invitations to work on a very wide portfolio of forthcoming websites.

Skills required : WordPress, PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML, SEO optimisation, English level of at least 4.0

Reference Links:
Holiday Pirates visual reference

Daily historical display:

Example of casino review sites

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