60-70 minutes due on July 19th

60-70 minutes due on July 19th


Job Description

Hi dear contractors!

I need 8 recordings 60-70 minutes each transcribed on MS Word on or before July 19,2013 PH Time (GMT+8:00). Clear audios between two speakers in American English. Subject is about personal growth and development/consciousness. Audios will be provided through DropBox link. Payment will be $0.10 per minute of audio as my budget for this is low.

Put Speaker 1: for interviewer and Speaker 2: for respondent. Indention not needed. Separate into paragraphs where it makes sense. Other instructions are attached with this job posting.

Will hire multiple contractors as necessary to finish on deadline. Mention how many of the recordings you can finish before the said date. I can't give extensions, sorry. This is a tight deadline.

Please put "Hi Leah," as your greeting for me to know your application is not a spam. Will hire ASAP.

Thank you!

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