List Builder

List Builder


Job Description

We are looking for an expert in list building for a regular, fixed price job. The contractor will be required to find the names and emails of individuals matching our ideal client profile from public sources (LinkedIn, etc.).

The contractor will be responsible for:

1) Identifying target companies that fit the ideal client profile.
2) Identifying the individuals at those companies who meet our requirements (we will provide you with the titles that are acceptable).
3) Inputting those names / emails / company names / company size information into a spreadsheet (CSV format).
4) Emailing that spreadsheet back to us on time.

If we work well together, this will turn into a full time opportunity.

To succeed in this role, you must be comfortable using public tools for:

1) Identifying companies that fit the criteria we provide you (company size, location, industry, etc.)
2) Finding and retrieving email addresses for the individuals at those companies who fit the role / job title we provide you.

The target company criteria will change based on the sales direction we are pursuing.

You are free to use whatever methods you prefer - automated data scraping or manual are both fine. You will be judged on the quality of your output, specifically how many of the emails bounce and how correctly you adhere to the ideal client profile we provide.

Please indicate in your cover letter that you have completed the assessment. To apply for this job, you must email me your previous work.