Financial Sector and High Risk Investor Lead Generation

Financial Sector and High Risk Investor Lead Generation


Job Description

We are looking for a person or group to develop a system that will bring us high net worth and high risk investors leads. These leads cannot be from telemarketing or have incentives in any way. We have a FUND product and high risk investments that we would like to acquire large list of Non-US high risk, high networth, qualified investors that like to invest in high risk investments. Leads cannot be from anyone that is in the United States or potential investor cannot be American. We are looking for all types of investors that speculate that are not in the United States. We are looking for a strategy to acquire list of these people that are interested in speaking to someone and potentially investing in these types of investments. Large bonus will be given for high conversion rates. These leads must be tailored to suite our needs and be 100% unique. Reply with general outline of what you would do to generate these leads for us.

Skills: marketing

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