IIS Expert for Settng Up Reverse Proxy on IIS 7.0 and ARR

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We need to setup a reverse proxy on IIS 7.0 to expose an internal application that is not available via the Internet. The reverse proxy must also rewrite any URLs in the web pages, external CSS and JavaScript files and XML data returned from REST API calls, such that urls get rewritten to be "https://internal.mycompany.com" to "https://demo.mycompany.com/portal".

Here are the requirements:

1. The internal application has the following files and data that needs to be written:
1a. HTML web pages. The internal application serves up generated HTML pages. The application contains web pages that contains script, anchor and image tags that have urls that need to be rewritten.
1b. External Java Script and CSS files. In addition, the internal page can load external javascript and CSS files that may reference urls that need to be rewritten.
1c. XML data. The application uses REST API calls that returns XML data. This XML contains urls that need rewriting.

2. The reverse proxy must be setup with IIS 7.0 and ARR.
3. The internal application must be exposed as a virtual directory.
4. The virtual directory is "/portal".
5. The external facing IIS will have DNS of http://demo.mycompany.com
6. The internal application has DNS of http://internal.mycompany.com
7. Any requests to http://demo.mycompany.com/portal must rewrite to http://internal.mycompany.com
8. Any requests for "http" must redirect to "https" first.

In order to complete this project, the reverse proxy must be setup and the internal application must be working properly.