Ruby Developer


Job Description


We are looking to add a core team member for a long term commitment. This Ruby Developer will be a key team member with responsibility for front & back end programming. We are seeking someone who can quickly learn our systems and work well with our existing team of developers. This is a mid-level developer with proven development background.


The Ruby Developer will:
• Work together with other Programmers to create, and support various web applications
• Work primarily with Ruby development projects
• Contribute to PHP applications
• Complete client-side programming (JavaScript, jQuery, etc.)
• Work with the team to create and support back office applications
• Write quality code and contribute to the ideas, implementation, and creativity of complex website applications
• Participate and lead out in test-driven development activities
• Participate in SCRUM activities, maintaining accountability to the development team and management
• Document code properly, including comments within code base, proper code “check in”, etc.
• And perform other duties as assigned

• Experience working with Ruby, ROR (Ruby on Rails), Javascript, jQuery
• Experience in with PHP is a plus
• Experience working in an environment including: Development, Staging/testing, & Production
• Agile / SCRUM experience helpful
• Experience or familiarity with developing, designing and/or maintaining user interfaces
• Experience with test-driven development
• Attention to detail, thorough testing abilities are a must
• Experience developing in an “MVC” environment is helpful
• ContactPoint’s work environment is fun! At the same time, we are achievers. The ideal candidate will be able to navigate this dichotomy and thrive
• Must be comfortable working in a technology-based company that deals with cutting-edge systems with an ability to learn new technologies and teach them to others as necessarya

Apply through this link:*fLDQl4MT7jFpwI1yj0IqZuu6hgN1MmyNUya22mVj.L4Be&bgrndcolor=b6e9f6&font=Verdana&headercolor=000000&embedsource=Embed

Skills: management, agile