VTiger Implementation


Job Description

I already have a domain and have installed vTiger. I have put in company details and fields are all setup. I only need help creating sharing rules, workflows through our organization, and attaching documents to contacts.

Setup should be as follows: We have a lead that comes into the company. The salesman enters the lead and requests paperwork. We would like the ability to upload that paperwork to the system and attach it to the lead and future contact. At this point, they are a lead. That lead should be viewable by only the particular sales rep, the sales manager, and read/write by CEO and admin.

Once the lead submits payment information, the lead should be converted to "contact" and permissions should restrict sales man or sales manager to read only. A task should trigger to move the contact to VP (we call it controller) who then processes the payment. A "to do" should be set for VP and an email sent to VP notifying them of the new contact and a task should be set requiring our controller to process the payment or set a reminder if payment should be processed at a later date. At that point, the contact should be read/write access by VP, CEO, and admin and read only to sales man and sales manager.

After payment is received, the contact should move to admin so that a report can be generated (we have a program that accomplishes this). A task should trigger a to do for admin and send admin an email (I can write these emails at a later date). The contact should become read only to VP as well as Sales Man and Sales Manager, but read/write to CEO and admin.

After the report is generated, the file should move from admin to CEO for follow up and report deliver. Access should be read only to all except CEO and admin. A task should schedule a to do for CEO and send CEO an email reminding them to sell a follow up product called "doc prep and processing". If they decline, the contact is closed, if they accept, the file then moves back to VP/Controller for payment. Similar to before, a to do and email remind VP/Controller to process payment or schedule payment for a future date.

Once payment is processed, the file then moves to "Processor" (who reports to VP/Controller and CEO). The access at that point should be read/write for processor, CEO, and admin, and read only for all others.

This is all we require at this point and I am familiar with vTiger implementation. This should not take more than 2-4 hours for someone familiar with the system and version 5.4.0. I will work with the candidate over the phone while they set this up. For the right candidate, we will likely have follow up work that includes PBX Manager (to tie to our phone system) and other tools as well.