Write a routine for a Yoga for Runners DVD


Job Description


I am looking for someone who can write a routine for me for a yoga for runners DVD. It should be ~35 minutes long in total and contain a pre and post run routine as well as some interesting tips & advice. It should be targeted towards beginners.

Ideally the pre should start off slowly and then end with some moving poses (perhaps technically not yoga but will help get the body warmed up) to get ready for the run. The post should start off as if you just finished a run and are cooling down and end in shavasana.

The routine will be used as a voiceover for a dvd so it needs to be well written and contain how long to hold each pose, why the pose is beneficial, and modifications if someone cant do a certain pose.

I am looking for someone who can add a lot of their own experience to the project.

- You must be a certified yoga instructor
- You must be a runner.

Thank you!