The request for auction site analysis programming

The request for auction site analysis programming


Job Description

Thank you for accessing my job.
I'm requesting the program as follows.

1:Refer to the following sites.
GlobalAucfan( ),
eBay Advanced Search( etc.

2:Compare the lowest 10 bid prices in the past , and bid prices of current auctions.

3.Show the goods with price disparity.

If possible, I would like to pay $555 USD to this program.
As for the details of a program, please mail me, and I will email back to you about precise information about the program.
I will use the program for a trial about two weeks,
and if the program is useful, I will pay $555.
If it is not useful, I will not pay $555, but I will pay $100 in stead.

Thank you for your consideration.

Skills: english, systems-programming, ebay