Experienced Transcriptionist


Job Description

Seeking the services of a top notch transcriptionist. You must be an expert in the field, able to transcribe all types of audio. Off-shore person preferred. The key skills are:

1) Excellent listening comprehension. You must have a wide vocabulary, and be able to understand people who are speaking fast, or mumbling slightly, with some background noise/interference, or accented speakers.
2) Fast, accurate typing. You must have an eye for detail. Someone who hears each and every word, and can type them correctly. You must be a perfectionist and enjoy doing things excellently.
3) Word-processing skills, to be able to format documents according to precise specifications, which vary from project to project.

Please provide your rate per audio hour, and also your experience. Bid based on one hour of audio. Opportunity for ongoing work once your quality is good.


Skills: typing