Power Line Communication Simulator


Job Description

I have to make a real time working model.My intension is to make a soft simulator wherein output can be analysed for different inputs,modulation techniques,etc.

The idea is to build a software simulation on sending data over power line (concept of Power line communication). The simulation has top be preferrebly carried out in the following steps.

1. Data has to be generated
2. Error detection codes have to placed with the data
3. Modulation technique has to be implemented to send the data in MHz. (provision to compare different modulation techniques)
4. Desingning of noisy power line ( real time scenario)
5. modulated data to be transmited across power line through a coupler
6. Data to be recived after demodulation and removing error code
7. Comparing the Bit error rate and signal error rate for the received data with original data

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